Whoopi Goldberg Co-Hosts The View While Under Self-Quarantine At Home

Whoopi Goldberg Co-Hosts The View While Under Self-Quarantine At Home
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After state and federal-level advice to self-quarantine amid the coronavirus crisis, The View co-host, Whoopi Goldberg, played her part in the mitigation of the spread from home. While The View is one of the very few shows that are still airing in-studio, Goldberg heeded medical professionals' warnings and stayed at home.

This past year, Whoopi contracted double pneumonia. For that reason, she chose not to take any risks and instead continue her work in self-isolation, taking the recommendations of state and federal officials to heart.

Yesterday, Goldberg skipped Tuesday's show to go to the doctor's office, and while she never said if she got the test for COVID-19, an insider claimed she was taking precautionary measures after contracting pneumonia last year.

The 64-year-old said today that she went to the doctor yesterday to make sure everything was good, and he told her that it was all systems go. Goldberg noted the "inconsistent messages" from political leaders, such as the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, who claimed the state would not be shut down.

Goldberg said on air that other leaders claimed there would be a shutdown, but Cuomo said there wouldn't be. Regardless, Goldberg is just taking precautionary measures to make sure she's not infected and spreading it to others.

On Wednesday, Sunny Hostin and Meghan McCain continued to host the show from their New York studio. The 77-year-old long-time host, Joy Behar, however, claimed she was at a much higher risk on account of her age. For that reason, it was best for her to take time off work.

Today, Sara Haines, the former View host, took her place. Reportedly, The View and Dr. Oz Show are just two main daytime talk shows that are still going on in New York City. The doctor, however, has implemented strict measures to make sure the virus won't be spread among staffers and guests.

An insider who spoke with Page Six claimed that Dr. Oz demanded the staff disinfect brushes and other tools used for hair and makeup.

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