While Watching DWD, Harry Styles' Mother Anne Twist Responded To The Hateful Comments

While Watching DWD, Harry Styles' Mother Anne Twist Responded To The Hateful Comments
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Anne Twist, the mother of Harry Styles , has spoken out in defense of her son's latest film, Don't Worry Darling, despite rumors of tensions behind the scenes.

On Thursday, perhaps in response to those criticizing the movie in the comments section the day before, Twist said on her Instagram Story, "If you can't say something kind, don't say anything at all."

For the record, I find it shocking and upsetting to see the hate posted here. The movie was entertaining to me. Skip it if it doesn't sound interesting... Continuing, she said, "Don't follow me if you don't like me." Simple.

Twist saw the movie on Wednesday with a group of friends and gave it a glowing review, despite the film's mixed reception from critics.

It to be shown for the first time at a French theatre today. She gushed about how great you were on Instagram, writing, "Don't Worry, Darling." All of it was fantastic. Congratulations, @harrystyles, on being a tremendous Jack, and thank you, @oliviawilde and team, for capturing our attention. Again, I'm bursting with pride.

The mother of two received criticism from her 2.6 million followers, some of whom saw the film and commented on it. Others, however, were disappointed that she had not addressed Florence Pugh's performance in the movie.

A smaller number of responses discussed the rumors that Styles' (then age 28) connection with Wilde had led to an argument between her and Pugh (then age 26).

The absence of Pugh's regular online activity led to speculation that the show's cast was experiencing some problems behind the scenes at the beginning of the year.

In an effort to shield the Little Women actress from any negative publicity, Wilde, 38, claimed last month that he had sacked Shia LaBeouf from the picture. However, a leaked video later disproved this allegation.

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