Wendy Williams Social Life In Demand After Kevin Hunter Divorce Find Out Who Has Asked Her On A Date

Wendy Williams Social Life In Demand After Kevin Hunter Divorce Find Out Who Has Asked Her On A Date
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Wendy Williams social life is in high-demand now that she has decided to divorce her husband, Kevin Hunter. The talk show host may be in the middle of a life-changing battle, but things are starting to look up for her.

The Wendy Williams Show host has two men interested in taking her out on a date. She talked about her new social life status on Wednesday's show.

"The invitations for social events keep pouring into my phone and stuff. They really do. I was minding my own business last night, reading my book you know, I love to read and all of a sudden my cellphone rings," she started to share during her monologue.

Williams went on to share with her enthusiastic audience that DJ Boof, was on the other end. Those who watch her show are aware, DJ Boof is the one who gets the audience hyped up before the show begins to tape each day.

"He was asking me out for dinner. And just at that time, I got a knock on my door. I was like, ‘Boof or food?'" the 54-year-old continued telling her story.

She didn't leave him hanging though, despite her dinner arriving, Williams told DJ Boof she would see him over the weekend and reminded him to pick her up on time. Once she got her food and was ready to enjoy her nice dinner, Williams phone rang once again.

"It wasn't Boof it was Charlamagne Tha God. Charlamagne wanted to take me for dinner!" the thrilled talk show host exclaimed as her audience cheered.

Ironically the Breakfast Club radio host wanted to take her out at the same time as DJ Boof and then things got a little weird. Charlamagne explained how he too knew Boof and perhaps they should both take the newly single lady out.

Williams was on board with going on a date with both men at one time. However, she did have one request. Charlamagne had to run it by Boof because she was focused on eating her food that had just arrived. As it turned out everyone was on board and now the Is the Bitch Dead, Or What? author is going on a double date this weekend.

It has only been a week since Wendy Williams filed for divorce from Kevin Hunter, but men are already lining up to take her on a date. Hats off to the mother of one, who deserves to be showered with attention after all the drama she has endured the past few months.


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