Wendy Williams Is On Dua Lipa's Side After She Gets Canceled For Strip Club Videos  

Wendy Williams Is On Dua Lipa's Side After She Gets Canceled For Strip Club Videos  
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Dua Lipa received a lot of hate for a video of her at a strip club, throwing money at the strippers twerking on the floor in front of her. However, aside from her most loyal fans, she also has a supporter in none other than Wendy Williams!

The talk show host defended the singer on her show, insisting that, she was in fact doing nothing more and nothing less than supporting other women!

As you may be aware, the internet harshly criticized Dua as soon as the clip surfaced, accusing her of ‘sexualizing women’ but Wendy’s opinion on that is the complete opposite and she vehemently defended her.

She even revealed that she’s done the same before and argued that these days, women going to female strip clubs is no longer that taboo.

‘If you are a woman and you go to a strip club and see the other girls, we are supposed to be throwing more money than men because we are supporting the girls. First of all, it is not a big deal for women to go to women’s strip clubs these days… The older and more mature that you get the more you realize that there are girls who are doing this for survival by any means necessary,’ Wendy told her audience.

She went on to say that ‘These strip clubs, it’s not something you aspire to do, but when it comes between you and sleeping under a bridge, you might as well use what you got to get what you need, just saying… They’re trying to make a living!’

The clip was filmed following the Grammy Awards at Lizzo‘s after-party at Crazy Girl Strip Club that she rented for the whole night.

When the footage surfaced online, a lot of people slammed Dua Lipa, accusing her of doing inappropriate things and ‘objectifying women.’

Furthermore, the hashtag #dualipaisoverparty started trending on Twitter.

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