Wendy Williams Hired Security Team For Safety Amid Kevin Hunter Divorce

Wendy Williams Hired Security Team For Safety Amid Kevin Hunter Divorce
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According to a report from TMZ.com, Wendy Williams feels a little bit uncomfortable with the fact her soon-to-be-ex-husband, Kevin Hunter is still working on the set of her eponymous television show. In fact, Mrs. Wendy Williams has bodyguards on the set until he leaves.

Insiders close to the production told reporters from TMZ that Wendy has employed three bodyguards to stand there and keep guard while she continues her normal day-to-day operations. Moreover, the sources told the outlet they've hired the bodyguards to be around her all of the time.

Reportedly, Wendy had employed three tough-looking guys approximately one week before she hit her hubby with divorce papers due to a number of intense exchanges beforehand. The sources added that in one instance, Kevin even had to be held back.

When Hunter was first served the divorce papers, there was already a security team there. Of course, he didn't get upset when he received the papers but Wendy allegedly feared something negative could happen. Kevin is working there as the executive producer, but it's looking like for not much longer.

It was reported yesterday by multiple outlets that Kevin and the other producers are looking for a legal way for him to get out of working there. In other words, he's negotiating an exit package permitting him from stepping out of the position.

Kevin and Wendy's divorce apparently has been quite tumultuous; rumor has it that he fathered a baby from another woman. This past week, Mr. Hunter released a statement in which he said he took full responsibility for his actions and felt terrible about it.

And on Monday, Wendy spoke about the drama on her show but never addressed her estranged husband by name. As fans of the television mogul know, her 2019-year hasn't been the greatest thus far. She even had to enter a sober living home in which she lived with other women struggling through similar problems.

Moreover, sources claim that she was found intoxicated on the set of the production and that was the reasoning for her brief break from the show. Nick Cannon had to replace her during a brief hiatus.

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