Wendy Williams Has No Plans To Address Her Health Or Marriage Drama When She Returns To Her Show

Wendy Williams Has No Plans To Address Her Health Or Marriage Drama When She Returns To Her Show
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Wendy Williams has been taking an extended hiatus from her talk show after a health scare landed her in the hospital. It has been several weeks since Williams appeared in front of the cameras, and inside sources now claim she will be back in action in by the end of February.

The only catch is that Williams does not plan to address her ongoing health concerns or the rumors surrounding her husband, Kevin Hunter. Although the talk show host will let her staff know what is going on, she plans on acting as if nothing is amiss when she returns to the show.

“She will be working with PR people and producers and will stick to the press release script,” an insider dished.

According to Radar Online , Williams has not been on her show since the end of December. In one of her last segments, Williams surprised fans by acting strange on camera and even slurring her speech at one point. After fans speculated about the situation, Williams assured everyone that she was dealing with side effects from pain medication.

Williams then claimed that she had suffered a fractured shoulder and would not return to the show until it healed. The network has since postponed Williams’ return on three separate occasions, and producers now refuse to give a specific date for her return.

A few weeks ago, Williams announced that she is going on an extended vacation after suffering from complications related to Graces’ disease. Williams’ family later confirmed that she was hospitalized to deal with the immune system disorder. It is unclear when Williams will finish treatment.

The host is also dealing with rumors that her husband, Kevin Hunter, has been cheating on her with a mistress. Inside sources claim that Hunter has been engaged in an ongoing affair with a close friend, for whom he purchased a home a few years ago.

It was recently announced that Nick Cannon would be filling in for Williams while she continued her break.

Wendy Williams has refused to address her health issues or her husband’s cheating scandal, and it does not sound like that is going to change anytime soon.

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