Wendy Williams Excited To Start Fresh On Her Talk Show After Firing Ex-Husband Kevin Hunter

Wendy Williams Excited To Start Fresh On Her Talk Show After Firing Ex-Husband Kevin Hunter
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Now that her ex-husband is off the talk show, Wendy Williams is reportedly looking forward to a new season without him! As fans know, Wendy and Kevin Hunter used to not only be a married couple but also work together.

After choosing to file for divorce however, she also fired Kevin Sr. and one insider report claims she’s ‘confident’ about what’s to come in the new season.

Kevin used to be the Executive Producer on The Wendy Williams Show but she removed him in the aftermath of their marriage crumbling.

This allows Wendy to have a clean slate and fresh start which also led to her really looking forward to coming back to work after the breakand not finding Kevin there.

After all, he’d held that position since the talk show’s conception, in 2008 so, positive or not, this is a huge change.

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘The Wendy show staff is relieved and happy to be returning to work without Kevin Sr. there. Several of them felt the set was so tense and difficult, and once Wendy decided to leave him, everyone was happier and lighter — including Wendy.’

They added that ‘Everyone feels a different energy now that Wendy left Kevin. It’s like day and night behind the scenes now. Wendy is a really smart business lady and she’s really looking forward to next season because she has a ton to talk about and she is confident everyone will be watching with everything going on.’

Wendy is famous for how straight forward and honest she is so she did not shy away from discussing the divorce on her show.

In the end, the insider assured fans that while ‘The upcoming season will be totally different without Kevin there, it’ll still be the same Wendy!’

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