Victoria Beckham Discusses How The Fashion Industry Can Contribute To The BLM Movement And More!

Victoria Beckham Discusses How The Fashion Industry Can Contribute To The BLM Movement And More!
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Victoria Beckham is a big name in the fashion industry and so, it sounds like she wants to use her brand and influence to achieve more representation and racial inclusivity amid the protests against racism happening all over the world. The former girl group member announced that she would be taking a ‘step back’ to focus on ways she can do just that.

The designer took to her IG account yesterday to talk in detail all about how the fashion industry can improve its ways of showing support to the Black Lives Matter movement.

That being said, Beckham wrote that: ‘The fashion industry has a massive role to play in the Black Lives Matter movement, and so I can be better. We can all be better. It all starts with representation, both within our business and who we work with externally. At Victoria Beckham, we've always striven to be inclusive, but we still need to look inwards and be better.’

‘As a first step, we have set up an internal group to look at everything from our teams and talent to our casting, our suppliers, and partners,’ she went on.

Furthermore, she stressed that her team will be holding her business ‘accountable’ and they will ensure everything goes according to plan.

Victoria shared with her audience that her womenswear line will also provide ‘additional team training and support to ensure we are listening to each other, really discussing all the issues and identifying unconscious bias in ourselves and in the wider business. It is each of our responsibilities to speak out for education, conversation and change. Things will not change or be solved in a day, but we clearly cannot wait another day to start doing more.’

Alongside her message that was featured as a picture, she also included a caption in which she continued to discuss at length the changes the fashion industry can make to achieve a positive difference when it comes to equal rights for the black community.

Make sure to check out her full post for more on what she had to say.

What do you think about Victoria’s plans for inclusivity in the fashion industry?

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