Vicki Gunvalson Proudly Reveals That She Bought A Vacation/Retirement Home In Mexico

Vicki Gunvalson Proudly Reveals That She Bought A Vacation/Retirement Home In Mexico
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Vicki Gunvalson is moving on from life in the O.C. Six months after revealing that she was leaving the Real Housewives of Orange County after 14 seasons, the OG of the OC has proudly revealed that she has purchased a vacation/retirement home in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

“Well I did it! After spending over 30 years in one of my favorite places in the world, I closed on my vacation/retirement house today,” Gunvalson wrote in the caption of an Instagram post earlier this week.

The 58-year-old added that other than being with her children, grandchildren, and her fiance Steve Lodge, the location is one of her happiest and fondest memories, and it is also one of her parents’ favorite destinations.

Gunvalson admitted that some people might think it is wrong for her to buy the home and share the news with her fans, considering the current state of the world. However, Gunvalson says that it gives her hope and peace that things will resume to a new sense of normal soon.

The Coto Insurance founder says that she won’t be visiting the property in Mexico until she is allowed to cross the border once the travel restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic end, but as of May 26 she owns a home that makes her happy.

Gunvalson posted a video tour of her new home to show off the beautiful ocean views and the numerous spacious rooms. Her 1.1 million Instagram followers also got a peek at the tile floors, the modern bathroom fixtures, and the outdoor jacuzzi tub.

Even though the home is already furnished, Gunvalson shared that she will be donating the existing furniture and bedding to an orphanage and hiring a decorator to design her new space.

Vicki Gunvalson also revealed that she plans on putting painters to work to make this new home “Vicki.” She finished her note by thanking everyone who supported her decision, even though it wasn’t an easy one to go through with. For those who don’t approve, Gunvalson told them to keep their mean comments to themselves.

She also made her feelings about her new purchase clear by adding the hashtag #imhappy.

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