Vicki Gunvalson Wants Small Businesses In California To Open Again, But Some Of Her Fans Vehemently Disagree

Vicki Gunvalson Wants Small Businesses In California To Open Again, But Some Of Her Fans Vehemently Disagree
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Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson is ready for small businesses in California to get back to work, and she tweeted at Governor Gavin Newsom to let him know her thoughts about the current shelter-in-place orders in the state. However, a lot of her fans vehemently disagree with her opinion, and they let her know all about it.

Earlier this week, Gunvalson tweeted: “@GavinNewsom Let’s get America who is healthy back to work. We need hairdressers, nail techs, small business’s and restaurants to start reopening May 1st. Please?”

When one of her fans replied that Gunvalson wants to “Whoop it up while people are dying,” the OG of the OC told the skeptic to reread her tweet. She made it clear that she said nothing about whooping it up, then she reiterated that people need to get back to work.

“Been in quarantine for 2 months as I’m sure you have,” wrote Gunvalson.

Another follower with a different opinion questioned Gunvalson’s request for nail salons to open. They asked who cares about nails and hair, and then they wondered if Gunvalson understood how quickly the virus spreads.

“I care more about the health of my hairdresser than my hair. Good grief. The selfishness here is astounding,” said the follower.

Another person pointed out that California has 33,000 humans infected with COVID-19 out of the state's 39.5 million residents, and more than 1,200 have died. They added that the focus should be on flattening the curve, and told Gunvalson to “research numbers.”

Gunvalson is the owner of Coto Insurance - a small business in California - so it makes sense that she would support opening up the state and allowing people to go back to work. Unfortunately, Governor Newsom never responded to her tweet.

During the pandemic and the economic fallout from the government lockdowns, Gunvalson has been giving financial and insurance advice to people during these uncertain economic times. She also created the Safeguard Essentials handbook, which she calls the “ultimate household planning guide” to help families prepare for the unexpected.

After 14 seasons on Real Housewives of Orange County , Vicki Gunvalson announced in January that she was leaving the series and moving on to other projects. Currently, Gunvalson is hosting her new podcast Whoop It Up with Vicki.


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