Vanessa Grimaldi Breaks Down Sobbing After Jared Haibon Suggests She's Not Invited To His And Ashley Iaconetti's Wedding

Vanessa Grimaldi Breaks Down Sobbing After Jared Haibon Suggests She's Not Invited To His And Ashley Iaconetti's Wedding
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During the upcoming episode of the iHeartRadio podcast ‘Help! I Suck at Dating, Jared Haibon told co-host Vanessa Grimaldi that she is not invited to his wedding with Ashley Iaconetti and it is safe to say she did not take it well at all! In fact, Grimaldi was so upset that she started crying!

This surfaced after E! News obtained a sneak peek recording to their conversation!

It all started with Haibon and fellow co-host Dean Unglert talking about how he, Tanner Tolbert, and Vanessa’s ex, Nick Viall were going to be the groomsmen at the wedding taking place this summer.

Hearing this, Vanessa asked: ‘Does this mean I'm not invited to the wedding?’

Haibon tried to fix the situation by saying: ‘Can we just settle down for a minute? We have not even- we are going through the guest list right now, we are just figuring everything out,’ but it all escalated anyway.

At first, she argued that it was fine since she would be able to go on vacation like she’d planned before the pair chose a date but eventually, Grimaldi broke down crying.

Sobbing, she explained: ‘I'm just sad. I get it...I assume, I mean, I understand and I guess it's because of a particular person and I get that, and as I said, I'm not mad, I'm not anything, I'm mostly just sad.’

The future groom told her that while he and Iaconetti really want to ‘make everyone happy’ they also want to make the special day about them in the end.

‘I would never want to make you sad, Vanessa, obviously,’ he added.

Vanessa once again stressed that she was just really sad to not be able to witness their love at the ceremony since it was not like a birthday happening every year, but also made it clear she didn’t want to make it about herself.


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  • antoinette marie
    antoinette marie Apr 25, 2019 5:19 AM PDT

    i dont get it. if they are friends with Vanessa why wouldn't they include her to their guest list. I understand the wedding is about them but wouldn't they want to have their friends be there to witness it and celebrate it with them? my advice to Vanessa is just stay away with this guys. They don't consider u as their friend. And to Jared have some ethics. u guys don't need to slam it infront of her that she's not invited. i mean don't even talk about it with her being there hearing and feeling ur excitement when she thought all this time she's a good friend to u both but then wont even invite her.

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