Carly Waddell Opens Up About Feeling 'Very Sad' Over Evan Bass Split

Carly Waddell Opens Up About Feeling 'Very Sad' Over Evan Bass Split
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Carly Waddell took to social media to open up about her split from Evan Bass some more and she admitted that she is definitely not doing Okay. However, she assured her concerned fans that she will be at some point, soon.

The Bachelor in Paradise star posted a pic of her with her two kids and in the caption, she got candid about the separation from their father and her husband of three years.

The celeb did not shy away from admitting that at this point, she feels really sad about their marriage unfortunately coming to an end.

'Merry Christmas 🎄 Christmas Day is not what I had expected this year. The 3 of us. The new normal. It feels incredibly abnormal and very sad. A lot of you all kind people have asked if I am ok. And I really want to say I am, but I am not. I will be though.'

She went on to reveal that Christmas was going to be the very first time that her kids would stay the night at their dad's house and opened up about her mixed feelings over this situation.

'I feel like I am missing a piece of my soul. I am literally just sitting by myself writing this. But I am thankful that it was a white Christmas, and I’m thankful that the kids get to be having a blast with their dad and brothers. They're feeling so loved.'

As fans remember, the now-exes got married back in 2017 after falling on love on Bachelor in Paradise.

Their children together are 2 year old Bella and 1 year old Charlie but Bass is also the father of three other boys from his previous marriage.


The couple first shared the divorce news on Wednesday, via a joint statement to People and made it clear that the separation was painful for both.


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