Vanderpump Rules - Former Stars Stassi Schroeder & Kristen Doute Reunite With Katie Maloney For The First Time After Getting Fired

Vanderpump Rules - Former Stars Stassi Schroeder & Kristen Doute Reunite With Katie Maloney For The First Time After Getting Fired
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It appears that getting fired from Vanderpump Rules has brought Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute back together. Earlier this week, the former friends were spotted having lunch with their Witches of Weho partner, Katie Maloney, implying that everyone has reconciled amid the major VPR cast shakeup.

This is the first time that the three had been spotted together since Bravo fired Schroeder and Doute from Vanderpump Rules last month. Schroeder and Doute lost their jobs after former SURver Faith Stowers told Candace Rice during an Instagram Live interview about her experience on VPR as the only black cast member.

Vanderpump Rules

Stowers revealed that Schroeder and Doute called the police on her and falsely reported that she was a robbery suspect as revenge for sleeping with fellow cast member Jax Taylor.

Vanderpump Rules fan Julianna Gamiz - a child actress - spotted Schroeder, Doute, and Maloney having lunch together on Wednesday, July 8, at La Piazza restaurant at the Grove in Los Angeles. The three agreed to pose for a pic with Gamiz during their lunch, and Gamiz says all three girls were “super nice.”

“We totally interrupted their dinner to get a picture but they were so sweet about it. We even got a chance to congratulate Stassi on her pregnancy,” said Gamiz and her mom.

Schroeder is currently expecting her first child with her fiance, Beau Clark.

According to , Schroeder, Doute, and Maloney also got together for Stassi’s birthday party in late June at the home Maloney shares with her husband, Tom Schwartz. Clark and Taylor were also at the party, along with Doute’s boyfriend Alex Menache .

The reconciliation between Schroeder, Doute, and Maloney is a big turn of events, considering fans watch their friendship disintegrate during Season 8 of Vanderpump Rules . On the Aftershow , Schroeder explained that she and Maloney had a falling out with Doute after dealing with “this constant cycle” for years of Doute being dishonest about her relationships.

At the time, the issue was Doute’s now ex-boyfriend, Carter.

In addition to their broken friendship, the trio lost their Witches of WeHo wine brand. It was pulled from shelves after Schroeder and Doute were fired, but they all have still managed to make amends.

An insider recently told Us Weekly : “While they wouldn’t consider themselves ‘best friends’ at the moment, their personal drama with each other has taken a backseat and they’ve been able to reconnect a little and be there for one another.”


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  • Kay
    Kay Jul 13, 2020 6:41 AM PDT

    Glad that the 3 ladies are rebuilding their long friendships. It is truly a travesty that STASSI and Kirsten lost their jobs over a woman waiting 2 years to come up with or come out with a story to get her 15 maybe 30 minutes of fame. Bravo handled the entire situation WRONG. ALL of their shows are tacky. People with money and absolutely NO class. There is plenty of shows on Bravo that is nothing but blacks. So that in itself is racist. But I guess it only works one way. So sick of it all. No more BLM. It should be All Lives Matter. So very sad. Bravo needs to rehire STASSI and Kristen. If they do not they are going to lose a lot of viewers. The Housewife series, all of them are horrible. So racist in so many ways. They say terrible things and nothing is done. They just have no class at all. As far as this Garcelle lady on RHOBH and her complaining. She is definitely a snob and she's right, she doesn't belong on the show. She says she doesn't fit in and she's right but it has nothing to do with her skin color but has everything to do with the fact that obviously they were never friends. They put her on there because of her skin color. The high ups are basically chicken shits about all of this. Blacks are racist against whites and vice versa. It is sad how things are turning especially for people as myself who has black friends of many years, with a lot of history, memories and laughter & tears. Go away Faith and Garcelle. We (blacks & whites) know how out of control the cops are. They have been this way for years and nothing done about them. They put on that little tin star and they think they are God. Whites are treated just as horribly by cops as the blacks are, it just doesn't make it on National news. Grow some balls Bravo. You have hurt many people's lives. Come on!!! Too many innocent people (especially children) have lost their lives in these protests. Hire Kirsten and STASSI back on VPR. # ALL LIVES MATTER.

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