Twitter Believes Steve Harvey's Daughter May Be Dating Diddy After They Were Spotted Hanging Out!

Twitter Believes Steve Harvey's Daughter May Be Dating Diddy After They Were Spotted Hanging Out!
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Lori Harvey has been deemed the new 'it' girl and Diddy may have set his sights on her. The only problem is that Steve Harvey's daughter may have dated the rapper's son, Justin Combs.

The 22-year-old was spotted out with the 49-year-old enjoying music at a reggae show in Miami. Harvey has been linked to Future, Trey Songz, and 25-year-old Justin who never confirmed or denied they were in a relationship.

Recently, Diddy admitted that he 'played himself' by not marrying the late Kim Porter. The wealthy businessman recently called it quits with Cassie who was with him for around a decade.

Cassie has moved on with a personal trainer named Alex Fine who was rumored to be in Diddy's circle before swooping in with the singer. The hot new couple celebrated Valentine's Day together and Fine praised his lady love during International Women's Day.

Between the huge age gap and the speculation of generational romance, Twitter is losing it over even the slightest possibility that Lori and Diddy are seeing each other.

"Lori Harvey kinda looks like a young Kim Porter. Diddy is so creepy."

"lori harvey is allegedly the new cassie and diddy is a disgusting old perv but i have to stan. marjorie’s mind >>>>"

"Whoooaaa muh gawd!!! The tea with diddy & Lori Harvey wasn’t fake!!!!! I just hope he’s pairing her with a son because that age difference is (gross emoji)"

"If Lori Harvey is dating Diddy and they get married that means she's going to be younger than her stepkids."

"Marjorie is really the new Kris Jenner, I see big things in Lori's future."

To be fair, they weren't seen being flirtatious according to most eyewitnesses but the simple fact that the two were near each other in the same vicinity is enough to make the internet go wild.

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