Trippie Redd Releases Cover Art For Upcoming Record Pegasus And Fans Aren't Happy

Trippie Redd Releases Cover Art For Upcoming Record Pegasus And Fans Aren't Happy
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Trippie Redd 's fans aren't happy with him after the rapper revealed the album cover for his new project. Hot New Hip Hop says Redd is known for his very unique style of vocals, including the fact he supposedly strains his voice on purpose while at the same time making it sound great.

The artist's fans have been urging him to release Pegasus , which was unfortunately leaked to the public this past week. It's not clear if the rapper plans on making any changes to the record's song-list but it appears as though he's considering it as his new album.

XXL Magazine claims the rapper revealed the artwork for the new album just yesterday on Instagram, and fans were quick to jump all over him for it. Initially, the post appeared to insinuate Pegasus would come out in October, but Trippie later went on to say it wouldn't be.

Regardless of the record's actual songs, fans have been talking about its artwork and many of them aren't happy with it. The first photo features the rapper standing with his arms spread open while wearing nothing but briefs that are the color of skin.

Another picture features Trippie Redd on a unicorn's back with his arms crossed, still only wearing his underwear. While it's not clear what the artist plans on doing with these new photos, fans believe he should scrap them and avoid using them for the new record.

Furthermore, fans have been picking Trippie Redd apart for editing in a six-pack on his body. Also, Reddit has reportedly dubbed it as one of the worst album covers ever created. This wouldn't be the first time that a rapper was put on blast for their album cover.

When Pop Smoke's posthumous record was announced, fans weren't pleased when they saw what Virgil Abloh had to offer . Shoot For The Stars and Aim For The Moon was later revealed to feature a different album cover altogether.

Another group that came under fire for their album design was A Perfect Circle. The band released Eat The Elephant in 2018 and while it was sonically praised, fans weren't happy with the artwork.

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