Travis Scott Gives Back To His Houston Community And Donates $100,000 To A Non Profit After-School Program

Travis Scott Gives Back To His Houston Community And Donates $100,000 To A Non Profit After-School Program
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Travis Scott seems to be starting the year with a grand gesture. The latest reports claim that the rapper donated a significant amount of money to an after-school program. The Shade Room has more details on this.

Travis decided it's time to give back to his community.

The Shade Room notes that 'According to the @houstonchron, earlier this week he donated $100,000 to the nonprofit after-school program #WorkshopHouston.'

TSR continues and writes that 'The program, which is located in the Third Ward, participated in Travis’ #AstroworldFestival along with other several nonprofits. There he was able to learn about their arts and education programs, which eventually led to his donation.'

According to Workshop Houston, some of the cash donated by Travis will go to different programs.

One of these includes local students recreating Michelle Obama's Milly gown, which was portrayed in her official White House portrait.

Of course, some people couldn't simply appreciate the man's gesture sand they started slamming him in the comments section.

For instance, someone said that '100,000 from a celebrity is 100 dollars 🤷'

Another follower came and defended Travis: 'Donating is by choice. He didn’t have to donate anything, but he did. Y’all won’t even donate $100 on one of yo Mama bills. 🤦🏽‍♀️ That’s great Travis. 😀'

Someone else also slammed Travis for buying his daughter million dollar toys and only donating $100k.

Someone responded to the haters with the following message: 'keyword, HIS DAUGHTER. He can spend whatever he wants on his daughter. He didn’t have to donate anything but he did, which he always does. Please let me know how much you donated.'

Another supporter said 'This is the way forward at some point in life if you’re in a position to give back and help then you should.'

What do you think about Travis' gesture?

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