Toya Johnson Attends Tammy Rivera's Listening Party - See The Pics

Toya Johnson Attends Tammy Rivera's Listening Party - See The Pics
Credit: BET

Toya Johnson has recently attended Tammy Rivera's listening party. She made sure to share a few pics on her social media account from this event in order to keep her fans and followers updated. Check out the photos below.

'I stopped by my boo @charliesangelll listening party! She’s talking some real shit on these new songs! I’m so here for it! New music coming soon!🔥🎶🎶' Toya captioned her post.

Someone said: 'I know you because of Wayne but I follow you because your a Louisiana top model,' and another follower posted this: 'I love how y’all support one another ❤️❤️ it’s no competition ain’t no one riding the next person coat tail just genuine support I love it.'

One commenter praised Toya's boots: 'Them boots 👢 are dangerous I’d get those for my OL lady @toyajohnson.'

Other than this, Toya shared a new video on her YouTube channel, which you can check out below.

A person on YouTube posted: 'You are speaking the truth! Being a teenage mom was no joke! But we made it! 😩🧡 I don’t have any edges, but I’m here. 🙌🏾😩'

Somoene else said: 'No disrespect to the makeup artist, but my goodness! can she please wait until you’re finished speaking to ask a question or give her own thoughts?!! We honestly clicked on this video for you, and to hear what you have to say.'

Another person posted this: 'Toya is very inspiring, and she always keep it RAW ...You definitely have to be responsible when you have children!!! Everything you do you have a responsibility.'

In other news, Toya shared a couple of pics with Robert Rushing and her baby girl, Reign Rushing, from the Double Dutch Competition – this was a successful event included in the Weight No More movement.

People who attended the event loved it and made sure to praise Toya in the comments.

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