T.I. Makes Fans Happy With Throwback Pics Featuring His Beloved Wife, Tiny Harris: 'Against All Odds'

T.I. Makes Fans Happy With Throwback Pics Featuring His Beloved Wife, Tiny Harris: 'Against All Odds'
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T.I. made a lot of his fans and followers really happy when he posted some really cute throwback pics of his wife Tiny Harris. Check out the photos that he chose below.

'Against all odds🧨' Tip captioned one of the posts that he shared on his social media account.

Someone praised the couple and called them, 'My favorite 🤩Power couple 🤩' while another commenter said: 'Keep being you, my brother. Change for the better is great!'

Another fan said: 'I am just loving how you are loving on your wife. God bless you!!' and someone else praised Tiny and Tip: 'You guys are a beautiful example of black love.'

One commenter said: 'It’s a beautiful thing. I’m so proud as a fan to see your love going strong after all this time. It means a lot and gives me hope that marriages really can last... against all odds. I’m happy for y’all.'

Here's how a fan commented on another photo that Tip shared, and you can see above: 'You look just like your oldest son on this pic. Good genes.'

Another backer posted: '@troubleman31 I admire how committed you two are to one another and the bond you two share. It's beautiful! #BlackLove.'

Someone else had this to say: 'Nothing more beautiful than a love that's weathered every storm and still manages to allow their love to grow more everyday ❤️ beautiful.'

Other than this, during the past few days, Tip has been celebrating all kinds of important people in history for Black History Month.

He gave a shoutout to Marla Gibbs and Ella Fitzgerald as well. He also mentioned Huey P. Newton as well on his social media account.

People appreciated his posts, and they made sure to tell this to him.

In other news, Tip reintroduced himself on social media not too long ago.

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