T.I. Reintroduces Himself On Social Media And Shares A New Perspective On Life

T.I. Reintroduces Himself On Social Media And Shares A New Perspective On Life
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T.I. felt the need to reintroduce himself on social media. He also made sure to tell his fans that life is too short, and time is too precious. Check out his message to fans and followers.

'What's haaapnin IG I'm Tip. On this page I share my personal views,perspectives & overall philosophy on life,& our purpose in it. Not to be directed towards anything or anyone in particular unless formally addressed (although serendipity occurs🤷🏽‍♂️)... Enjoy yourself while you're here. Feel free to scroll,look around & chime in as you see fit....just remember the most important rule of this kingdom/culture/community....' Tip began his post.

He continued and said: 'Miss me with the Lame Shit & find something safe to do. Life is too precious, time is too valuable, & the streets is waaay too dangerous to be out here Playin. - King 👑 Thx. May you all have a wonderful & productive day. #AllowMeToReIntroduceMyself -oh & @rapsody gave me this dope ass jacket 🧥 🙏🏽👑'

Someone told Tip the following: 'Someone must be in album mode or am I reaching.'

A commenter wrote: 'Thank You King! Posts are perspectives and views that you want to share at that time. Grown folks don’t do subliminal messages.'

Someone else said: 'This is EXACTLY why I LOVE YOU! @troubleman31 No disrespect @majorgirl 😘😘'

A commenter posted this: 'And in case you forgot... I’m the kiiiiiiing 🙏🏾 @troubleman31' and one other follower wrote: 'Jesus christ he gets more perfect I can't take this ish 😩 @shaell87 🏆'

Another Instagrammer told Tip that they 'Love your perspective on Life, Mr. Tip @troubleman31,' and more fans came forward to tell him that they love his insights.

Someone else said: 'Everyone who follows me RIGHT NOW gets a follow back,' and another follower posted this: 'Wise beyond your years. It's a blessing to be able to soak some of your knowledge up.'

Just the other day, Tip was praising his baby girl, Heiress Harris .

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