Tory Lanez Complains Of 'Colorism' On Set Of New Music Video

Tory Lanez Complains Of 'Colorism' On Set Of New Music Video
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According to a report from TMZ, Tory Lanez, accused a couple of his directors of "colorism," after they replaced a black woman on set with a much-lighter skinned woman. Tory was furious and lashed out at the directors responsible for the video.

The Toronto-rapper posted a video of him in Nafe Smallz' video, "Good Love," which was released on Thursday. In the new video, in which there is a black woman dancing next to him, allegedly, the director chose to bring in a much-lighter skinned woman.

Afterward, Tory calls for a break and asks for the darker woman to be on set instead. He reportedly says in the video, "we don't even need that," before going on to tell the lighter girl that she's beautiful. According to Tory, the issue of putting lighter-skinned people in videos instead of darker ones is a common problem in the entertainment industry.

He allegedly says in the clip that he's not going to permit directors to "devalue" black women. Tory goes on to say that he has seen the very same thing many times; it's a reoccurring problem and has to stop.

"It is our responsibility as artists to stand up and not let this happen," the rapper can be heard saying in the video. Despite the fact he made this declaration, the woman in the video didn't appear in the scene, however, she did later on in other portions of the video.

Other stars to make similar comments on colorism includes Drake, whose beef with Pusha-T, highlighted this phenomenon but only inadvertently. Pusha-T got his hands on a photo in which Drake was wearing black-face.

While the picture was embarrassing, Drake said he did the photo to highlight the way in which black men, and black people in general, are often type-cast in similar ways in the entertainment industry, especially on TV and in film.


Pusha-T published the photo on his Instagram in the midst of their beef, which began with Pusha-T releasing a freestyle in which he makes fun of the fact Drake secretly had a child with a woman from Montreal.

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