Toni Braxton Shows Off Her Best Life With Birdman Pictures -- Some Fans Are Raining On Their Parade

Toni Braxton Shows Off Her Best Life With Birdman Pictures -- Some Fans Are Raining On Their Parade
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Diva Toni Braxton is trying to live her best life with her fiancé, Birdman, but the Internet will not let her.

The legendary singer and songwriter recently shared a sweet picture where she is very cozy with Birdman on his birthday.

Many critics bashed the power couple for their on-and-off romance and others went after the Young Money mogul's looks and tattoos.

A person said: "I know right it's just a little fishy and then goes on a talk show dance around the question when you're asked when are you getting married? Oh well, we're both busy our schedules, blah blah blah I call BS! In the real world when people are together and in love, they get engaged to plan the wedding and get married already cut out all the smoke and mirrors and dust because it just looks fishy after a while."

Fans rushed to defend Toni.

One kind comment read: "I wish the best for you, Toni, you deserve it; I love you and your family. God bless you because you are already blessed sending love and hugs to you all ❤️😍❤️😘 I wish I could like this a thousand times... Happy Birthday, Birdman! Toni, your concert in chi town, was Everything! 🥰 Yo bad the birthday guy didn’t join you on stage! You guys are indeed one of my fav celeb couples! 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹these negative I'm gonna give my opinion nobody asked for folks get on my nerves..."

Another follower claimed: "Love you, Toni, we see you every time you come to the 'D.'Lucky man to have Toni 🙌oh yeah we have to have no life and empty relationships to comment on something someone posts on social media go sit down somewhere in a corner and eat a pork chop loser."

This fan wrote: "Let them be! Focus on your self. They always think they know, listen when I was coming up n NOLA we look at Baby, juvie, Master-P,etc.. As normal people, wt and heart beat like everyone stop stating what u think u know, they r entitled to live, and love."

Toni is one of a kind diva.

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  • jonesyj
    jonesyj Feb 19, 2019 4:21 AM PST

    don't worry about the haters when its the right time too get married both of you will know. miserable ppl leave miserable lives.

  • James cooper
    James cooper Feb 19, 2019 1:06 AM PST

    I will always have toni at the top of my list, and allows wish her nothing but the best ,were are fellow marylanders.your HEALTH and well being should be #1james

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