Toni Braxton Makes Fans Happy With A Jaw-Dropping Throwback Photo

Toni Braxton Makes Fans Happy With A Jaw-Dropping Throwback Photo
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Toni Braxton shared a throwback photo that has fans exclaiming all over the comments section. Check out her pic below.

'#TBT My favorite red lip and no lashes. One of me and my baby sister's favorite things to do is watch @vogue beauty tutorials together. I just did one and it comes out tomorrow! BTW my wig was really wrong, dont judge! 🥴 You’ll see it tomorrow!' Toni captioned her photo.

Someone asked: 'What time should we be looking forward to this lovely tutorial for tomorrow? (I don't want to miss this!)' and a follower said: '@tonibraxton said First thing Tomorrow mawwnin...🎶 @tonitigerz_ '

Another follower posted this message: '@tonibraxton I live in the Netherlands that mean Imma stay up all day too watch the tutorial right awayy .. may god BLESS you.'

Someone said: 'We won’t judge too much😩🤣 just playin Love you TB! Wrong wig n All😩🤣🤣🤣 Ok I’m done.'

Another follower posted this: 'Sisters are so special. Praying for TayTay. Nothing looks wrong about you here. Lovely,' and a commenter wrote: 'Your wig looks beautiful very seductive. I love the look. I love you beautiful.'

A fan said: 'Toni...Where do you Sisters buy your wigs from?♥️' and one other person posted this: 'You are Toni Braxton you can do what you want because you are you.'

In other news, Toni recently spoke about her sister, Tamar Braxton.

The singer took to her go-to social media platform to break her silence about her sister  Tamar’s health struggle . Toni Braxton stressed that family means a lot to her as she posted a throwback photo showing Toni surrounded by her loved ones.

In the caption, she wrote that ‘Family is everything! Especially sisters!’


As you know by now, Tamar has been through a really difficult time, but she recently addressed fans and offered them gratitude for their support.

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