Tommy Lee And Brandon Lee End Their Feud And Enjoy Quarantine Together

Tommy Lee And Brandon Lee End Their Feud And Enjoy Quarantine Together
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Fans of Tommy Lee know that he and his son, Brandon, don't always get along. However, in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, Entertainment Tonight reported that he and his son are actually spending a lot of family time together.

The aforementioned outlet picked up on a social media post in which he and his son were smoking while working out. Tommy captioned the video with the message, "don't try this at home kids!!" In the background, one can hear Seether's song, "Let You Down," while Tommy and his son are lifting weights and puffing on cigarettes at the same time.

As it was noted above, Tommy and Brandon have fought repeatedly over the years, much of which has been very public. Thankfully, it looks like they've since moved on from their past squabbles, for instance, when Brandon and Tommy got into a physical altercation in 2018.

Currently, Brandon has a key role in the reboot of The Hills , and part of their feud has played out on the series. Last year in June, Brandon addressed some of the issues he had with the footage being broadcasted to the world.

Brandon said to Entertainment Tonight that it was inevitable his feud with Tommy would spill over into The Hills because, at that time, his bad blood with his father was a big part of his life. Brandon remarked that it was "definitely a hard time for both of us."

Fans of Lee know he was once married Pamela Anderson, the Baywatch alum, who recently split up with Jon Peters after just 12 days. Ashley Mitchell reported earlier this year that Tommy Lee was more than aware of their failed relationship.

A source who spoke with Hollywood Life claimed Tommy knows all about what Pam has been up to in the past, and he couldn't be any less concerned about it. Moreover, the source claims Tommy is distancing himself from her as much as he can.

On the other hand, he doesn't want her to get hurt either, but he understands at this point that it's best to move on and put their romance in the past. Tommy and Anderson share two children together, Brandon and Dylan.

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