Tom Sizemore Arrested For Drug Possession Following His Supposed Rehabilitation

Tom Sizemore Arrested For Drug Possession Following His Supposed Rehabilitation
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Tom Sizemore has been in trouble with the authorities before, and it appears it's now happening again. Page Six reported that Tom Sizemore was busted by the authorities on Thursday for drug possession, approximately one year after he was arrested for the same crime in 2019.

TMZ was the first to report that the Saving Private Ryan actor was pulled over by the police around 2:30 am in Glendale, California. Police noted that he looked like he was intoxicated.

TMZ claims the authorities subsequently searched through his possessions and they found illegal drugs. He was charged with a DUI and also possession of narcotics. As it was noted above, Sizemore has found himself in hot water before.

Back in January of last year, the Burbank Police apprehended the actor after they discovered a variety of drugs in his vehicle. His ongoing battle with abuse has made him somewhat famous but in an unfortunate way.

Sizemore, who became famous for working in Natural Born Killers, and Saving Private Ryan , has been in trouble repeatedly over the years due to substance abuse issues. He even appeared on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew in 2010.

Furthermore, Sizemore has been accused of other crimes as well, including molesting a child actress. Back in November of 2017, Tom Sizemore was accused of sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl during the filming of Natural Born Killers , claims a report from The Daily Mail.

In a statement to the publication, Tom claimed he would never in his life touch a child sexually. Mr. Sizemore defended himself by stating that he has made many mistakes in his life, but sexually abusing minors has never been one of them.

Furthermore, the actor stated the allegations were simply untrue and unfounded. The 55-year-old Natural Born Killers alum also described the claims as "repulsive" and "disturbing." His denial of the claim came just a week after The Hollywood Reporter first reported on the allegation.


THR reported that he was accused of assaulting a girl on the set of the aforementioned movie starring Juliette Lewis, Robert Downey Junior, Woody Harrellson, and Tommy Lee Jones.

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