Tom Girardi Reportedly Taken To Hospital For 'Illness' Amid His Many Lawsuits And Divorce

Tom Girardi Reportedly Taken To Hospital For 'Illness' Amid His Many Lawsuits And Divorce
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Tom Girardi and Erika Jayne Girardi have found themselves in the headlines a lot lately, as fans of the reality star couple know. Page Six reported this week that amid Tom's multiple lawsuits, it has been claimed by sources close to him that he had to go to the hospital for a terrible illness.

This all comes at a bad time for Mr. Girardi, considering he's currently in the middle of a Lion Air settlement lawsuit regarding a batch of people who claim he and his firm embezzled money that was supposed to go to victims of an airplane crash.

Sources who spoke with Us Magazine this week claimed Girardi is currently in the hospital, his lawyers revealed. Attorneys for Tom say he is battling against a "serious illness" and he'll probably be out of commission for at least a few days, maybe even longer.

Tom is also in the middle of a divorce, although, those involved in the lawsuit claim Tom is just using the divorce as a way of getting out of paying the money he owes. Lawyers for Tom said his hospitalization is the "mistake" for why many families weren't paid what they were owed.

As it was previously reported earlier in the month, Girardi and his law firm, Girardi Keese, were held in contempt of court on Monday and a $2 million judgment was the result. Additionally, the judge demanded that the firm and Tom's assets be frozen as the case continues.

In case you missed it, a class-action law firm by the name of Edelson PC, filed a suit against Jayne and Girardi on behalf of the 2018 Lion Air flight victims. Girardi has been accused of embezzling money and also using his divorce with Erika as a way of hiding from restitution.


Erika Jayne controversially filed for divorce back in November of this year following 20 years of marriage. Sources have stated that it's a "really tough and stressful time for both Erika and Tom, not only for their relationship woes but also for what's going on with Edelson PC."

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