Todd Tucker Shares A Video Featuring Blaze Tucker Singing A Popular Tune

Todd Tucker Shares A Video Featuring Blaze Tucker Singing A Popular Tune
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Todd Tucker shared a video on his social media account featuring Blaze Tucker singing. She is singing a popular tune, and Todd asks followers to guess what it is.

'@blazetucker singing a popular tune on the way home. Who can guess what it is?' Todd captioned his post.

Someone else said: 'Roll over, rollover. In the perfect pitch, too!' and one other follower said: '3
She singing Row row row ur boat ...ok. future Grammy winner. I hear u!'

A fan said: 'The wheels on the bus!!!... Don't yall know?!!🙄😂☺️' and one other followewr said: 'Oh. I never heard of Roll over, so I'm sticking with "The wheels on the bus" and y'all gonna just have to change your answer!🙄'

Someone else said: 'Awwwwwww 😍 my favourite tune to. I think I used to sing it just like that ☺️' and one other follower said: 'There three in a bed and the little one said roll over roll over then one fell out lol my daughter sings this song.'

A follower said: 'The people on the bus go up and down up and down all thru the town!' and someone else posted this: 'she is an amazing little girl.'

In other news,  Kandi Burruss  shared a  post  on her social media account, giving her fans and followers all kinds of advice. Now, she’s asking them if they got that completely. Check out what she said below.

‘Did you watch the whole video & listen to the tips I gave? If you didn’t, you missed out! & the link for this dress is in my IG story!’ Kandi captioned her post.

Kandi and Todd are living their best lives with their kids, and fans could not be happier for the couple - they always praise them.

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