Todd Tucker And His Daughter Kaela Are Twinning In New Photo Where He Says They Are A Work In Progress

Todd Tucker And His Daughter Kaela Are Twinning In New Photo Where He Says They Are A Work In Progress
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Todd Tucker and Kandi Burruss recently faced criticism from viewers for the way they treat Todd's daughter Kaela. Tucker wants her to be completely independent while Kandi spoils her daughter with anything she wants as long as she does good in school.

To make matters worse, Burruss revealed that the father and daughter often go weeks or even a month without talking to each other.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star explained that she would love to give Kaela more than what she has but her father has a different parenting style.

Social media users didn't like the way the 23-year-old was being treated and made the subject it trend on Twitter

In a new Instagram post, Todd and Kaela are spotted hanging out and he posted a caption that read: 'We’re a work in progress! Love you'

The two were twinning with the same smile. Followers immediately took to the comments to encourage the two to work on their relationship.

'That's you all night & granddaughter lost her father while she was in the womb. It's okay to hug yo' daughter & give her a kiss on the cheek & forehead. That's yo' seed, show her affection. I love y'all, i always brag about y'all like we "family^ in my head!' wrote one follower.


Another added: 'At least you are working.. she appreciates that.'

This social media user offered prayers: 'I’m rooting for y’all!! Keep praying and give it all you got @todd167 babygirl needs you man!!'

'Any relationship is always a work in progresses but since you weren't in her life from infancy sometimes it can be difficult bit as long as the love and foundation is there, nothing can go wrong,' said another.

It's great to see that the dad is determined to fix their relationship. Hopefully, the two can find some common ground.

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