Tiny Harris Will Have T.I. Sweating With Classy Short Hair Video

Tiny Harris Will Have T.I. Sweating With Classy Short Hair Video
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Milky white. Tiny Harris is a vision of white in a new video that has surfaced online. T.I.P. will be drooling after seeing his wife's new classy look.

The Xscape singer is currently in Miami, Florida most likely for business purposes or for a new concert with the others from Xscape.

The reality TV star shared a sexy photo and video where she is wearing short wavy hair and perfect makeup.

T.I.'s wife also has fans going wild over her sheer lace top, and a few even joked that she will land her spouse in trouble.

One person told the diva: "Awww you look like a doll baby. Are so little and petite an cute girl. Much love to.did you bring that bear to trouble man when he gets back lol."

Another commenter stated: "I just freaking love you @majorgirl your so beautiful inside and out. One hella of a mother too💪😘. And the fact that your a cancer and share the same birthday as my Aunt makes you even more dope. ❤️❤️"

This fan turned critic wrote: "The face is beat, but that lace was an opportunity for a creative underlook piece. I know you still get sexy in you 😘 Can' t put my finger on what is different if anything...but this is a beautiful picture of you."

A source spoke to Hollywood Life and explained that Tiny has finally decided to trust T.I.P. after their divorce and cheating drama fully.

The insider had this to say: “Tiny was completely shocked and surprised by T.I.’s romantic gift this year. The last thing she expects in the world to get from him was a chain with Mrs. H on it because right before Christmas he made some comments about how they were too grown for that kind of thing. But it turns out he was just saying that to throw her off and make it an even bigger surprise.”

In the past few months, Tiny and her husband appeared to have found a clever way to move forward after their brief separation.

Fans are even hoping for another baby soon, and rumors claimed that Tiny would not mind.

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