Tiny Harris Tells Kandi Burruss That Blaze Tucker Is Her Twin - See The Photo

Tiny Harris Tells Kandi Burruss That Blaze Tucker Is Her Twin - See The Photo
Credit: BET

Kandi Burruss shares a photo in which she's together with Blaze Tucker and Ace Wells Tucker. The proud mom is gushing over her son, but Tiny Harris hopped in the comments section to say something about her daughter. Check out the pic below.

'Somebody in this pic is really feeling their shoes today... 😂 @acetucker @blazetucker,' Kandi captioned her post.

Tiny posted: 'I think @blazetucker is your twin!!' and a lot of people agreed and said that they wanted to type the same thing.'

Someone said: 'Ace has really grown. I remember you and Todd on Dr.Oz when Ace was born,' and a follower wrote this: 'Your babies including the 2 oldest girls are beautiful as well. Well lil man is adorable.'

One other commenter gushed over Kandi and said: 'Kandi you have been looking so young so gorgeous these days you’re absolutely beautiful,' and someone else showed Ace some love: 'Awwww he put his lil leg out there to show em his shoe game.'

Another follower had a few words to say about Kandi's kids as well: 'Soo y’all just gonna ignore Kandi baby girl in her hand and go straight to commenting and her shoes? Sometimes it’s not what you say.. it’s what you don’t say.. Kandi your daughter is gorgeous and Ace is handsome... to heck with your shoes.'

Someone is really happy for the life that Kandi is living and says that she deserves all this happiness: 'I don't know your age, Kandi, but I will be 50 this year and I have one son (24), and I was never blessed to have another natural child or a husband. I get so joyous when I see women like you rockin' high heels and beautiful blessings at a more advanced age than what is considered to be the norm. Thank God for new norms!!! I watched RHOA regularly a few years back, and you were one of my favorites. I am SO happy for you and your family, you DESERVE this...Be blessed ever so much more!!! JoannaSR.'

Other than this, earlier, Kandi impressed her fans with a racy photo that she shared on her social media account.


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