Tiny Harris Gets Bashed For Saying Black People Need To Stop Killing Each Other After Nipsey Hussle's Death

Tiny Harris Gets Bashed For Saying Black People Need To Stop Killing Each Other After Nipsey Hussle's Death
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Black people should stop killing each other is what Tiny Harris said in her tribute to rapper Nipsey Hussle after she learned that he had been shot and killed in front of his store in Los Angeles, California.

T.I.'s wife took to social media where she posted a picture of Lauren London's late boyfriend.

The Harris clan has been close pals with Lauren for numerous years after she worked with T.I.P. on the movie ATL .

Nipsey Hussle died on Sunday afternoon near his Marathon Clothing Company store in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Los Angeles and according to the police, they are looking for a black male suspect in his 20s.

Tiny shared her thoughts and prayers with Nipsey Hussle‘s loved ones and said it is time for the African-American community to stop killing their own.

She wrote: "Damn this has just ruined my night like he was my family!! It’s so sad that we as a ppl feel it’s ok to keep taking each other’s lives. We steady screaming Black lives matter?!! Does this not apply to the blacks that’s killing their own?!! This man had a beautiful family & now he’s been taking away frm them senselessly. Praying for my friend @laurenlondon & her kids & the rest of his family & love ones!! R.I.H @nipseyhussle the world is grieving frm this loss. 🙏🏽👑😪"
The post was not well received.

One person said: "My girl, take it from someone who was born and raised in South Central on the same streets as Nip. Ain’t nooooooobody shoot this man but the FEDS! The hood wouldn’t greenlight this. Nor the enemies. There’s a cop in every damn corner NO MAN would have the balls to shoot anyone and especially a celebrity(or icon that he will always be) in broad daylight especially in the streets he was on."

A defender wrote: "Y'all trying to correct her by saying this wasn't a black person, but this wasn't just for him, in the black community period they are killing each other & it's sad! 😪"

This critic shared: "How do you know a black person killed him? You criminalizing your own already. The story just broke. Kind of just pissed me off. 😒 Our people didn’t do this. Never heard a soul speak vile of Nip. That man impacted people either if they listened to his music or not. The hood wasn’t designed to be saved. No matter how big your heart is. RIP your heart was in the right place."

Tiny is always measure in her statements.

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  • Leona
    Leona Apr 1, 2019 8:36 AM PDT

    Even if a black person didn't kill Nipsey, it's still a message that needs to go out. Black people ARE killing their own. It's a fact. And it has been going on for many years before this. All lives matter. But these brothers out in these streets killing each other, makes no sense! It needs to stop!!

  • Felicia
    Felicia Apr 1, 2019 6:48 AM PDT

    Tiny is right. What a small person that took his life. It took a gun to verbalize how u felt. What did he do to deserve to die

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