Tiny Harris Defended A Man Who Was Executed In Alabama - T.I. Also Speaks On The Horrific Case

Tiny Harris Defended A Man Who Was Executed In Alabama - T.I. Also Speaks On The Horrific Case
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The latest news from CNN reported that Alabama executed inmate Nathaniel Woods for the crimes that he committed. Back in 2004, he murdered three Birmingham police officers, and according to the state corrections dept. he was executed. He was pronounced dead at 9 p.m. local time.

A lot of people in the community tried to stop this, but it was in vain.

Tiny Harris and T.I. were just some of the people who spoke on the matter and posted on social media to raise awareness about this case.

This is what Tiny was posting yesterday: 'This is sad!! I was hoping there was someone way we could stop them taking an innocent man's life today at 5 pm... let’s see if we can help in any way!!'

She also wrote: '#SaveNate This man is INNOCENT‼️ We can NOT allow Alabama to execute this man‼️ He did not fire a shot..he surrendered to authorities. All FAIR AND DECENT HUMAN SHOULD ACT NOW‼️ Go to SaveNate.com NOW‼️ #SaveNate 🙏🏽👑'

Tip was also extremely upset, and he filmed a video in which he was addressing the issue just the other day.

Here's how he captioned the clip:

'Stay of execution was lifted... so they are going to LYNCH Nate Woods in 2020. Let's be honest about this... THIS IS NOT A MISTAKE‼️ THIS ISN'T BY CHANCE‼️ They have definite intentions to steal kill & destroy US‼️ Make NO MISTAKES ABOUT IT‼️And to the King Nate Woods & his family...I truly apologize that I didn't become aware of what y'all were going through & act sooner...' Tip began his post.

'So laugh it up now @governorkayivey God will have a special place prepared for you where you WILL HAVE TO ANSWER FOR ALL YOUR WICKEDNESS!!! I'm so sorry I wasn't able to get it done. I'm completely distraught & discouraged & outraged all at the same time... but I KNOW THERES A GREATER PURPOSE. May God accept you into your next phase of existence Nate. I've never met you but somehow I Love You brother & I'm moved by your bravery!!! You're a freedom fighter and a martyr for our culture. We won't forget you.😥 I'm so fuckin sad about this shit. I'm trying SO HARD TO NOT HARBOR HATE IN MY HEART & I URGE OTHERS TO DO THE SAME... thank you to all of you who tried. I'm done. Fu*k This Sh*t...'

A lot of people felt that this was an injustice.

Someone commented: 'I'm here in Alabama where they just confirmed on the local news Nate was executed at 9:01 p.m.'

Another follower said: 'His execution just broke my heart. This was such a miscarriage of “justice”.'

What are your thoughts about what happened?

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