Jennifer Aniston's Trainer Reveals The Intense Workout That Keeps The Actress Looking Fabulous At 51

Jennifer Aniston's Trainer Reveals The Intense Workout That Keeps The Actress Looking Fabulous At 51
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Jennifer Aniston is looking fabulous at 51 and that’s because she puts in the work, says her trainer Leyon Azubuike. The founder and CEO of the boxing workout program Gloveworx recently revealed how The Morning Show star continues to defy the aging process after more than three decades in Hollywood.

Azubuike told Us Weekly at a Wellness Wednesday event in Los Angeles that Aniston “loves the intensity of the workout” and she always goes “full force” when she is in the gym. However, there was one thing that she wasn’t thrilled about when she first started working with the personal fitness trainer.

“She attacks her workouts the way she attacks life. She goes 150 percent and leaves no stone unturned,” explained the fitness guru. “At first, she didn’t love the jump rope. But now, she’s a beast at it. She’s one of the most beautiful people on the planet. So, I just keep her at the top of her game.”

Azubuike described Aniston as “damn near perfect,” but he admitted that there are “a lot of things that go into” her amazing results. He explained that she incorporates a variety of things into her workouts, like muscle confusion, upper body movements, lower body work, rotation, boxing, and jump rope.

He says that he and Aniston have been working together for so long that now they work on how she is adapting and how they have to modify and switch things up. Azubuike noted that they hit “pretty much everything” with her workout routine, but the biggest priority is keeping her at the top of her game and varying the workout each day so her body can respond to it.

Azubuike compared working with Aniston to working with the best athlete on the planet. He gave the example of Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry, who he believes is the best jump shooter in the history of basketball.

Leyon Azubuike said that if he was Curry’s coach, there would be no reason to work on making him a better shooter. Instead, it’s all about keeping him there at the top, and that’s how Azubuike approaches his workouts and keeps his focus with Jennifer Aniston.

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