T.I. Wishes Harry Belafonte A Happy Birthday For His 93rd Anniversary

T.I. Wishes Harry Belafonte A Happy Birthday For His 93rd Anniversary
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T.I. wanted to celebrate the birthday of a really important personality, so he also decided to mark this occasion on his social media account as well. Tip celebrated the 93rd anniversary of Harry Belafonte.

Just in case you don't know, Harry Belafonte is an American singer, activist, songwriter, and actor as well. He was born on March 1, 1927.

Here's Tip's message that he decided to post on his social media account below.

'To The Legend that is Harry Belafonte... I must send Happy Birthday salutations & greetings. As should you!!! Thanks for all you've done & continue to do King 👑, Tip captioned her post.

Someone said: 'Happy Birthday to a legend and my frat brother!! 💙 🕊 #zeta'

A commenter posted this: 'When a follower asked who the personality is, another fan responded with: ' he is one of the great actors in the early 1900s I'm probably making older than he is, but his soul is about 2,000 years old .. enough respect to this man.'

One of Tip's followers posted this: 'I Heard about this Man since growing up WOW he looks good,' and someone else posted this: 'Happy birthday to this legend Rn! This dude makes me want to recreate Beetlejuice!'

Someone else posted this: 'Yasss. Let's give him his love and flowers while he is still here. Happy Birthday Mr. Belefonte❤️'

One other follower said: 'Happy Happy Birthday, Harry Belafonte. You are appreciated for all of your contributions to this world.'

In other news, it's been reported earlier today that Tip is promoting the cannabis industry , and he just revealed a new hub for info and entertainment on his social media account. Most of his fans were really excited to see his announcement.

‘Introducing the new hub for cannabis Information & Entertainment. @alldefcannabis 🍃💨’ Tip captioned his post.

A lot of his followers were here for this initiative.

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