Tiny Harris And Fat Joe Showered Ashanti With Love After She Posted A Sizzling Video In A White Bathing Suit

Tiny Harris And Fat Joe Showered Ashanti With Love After She Posted A Sizzling Video In A White Bathing Suit
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Ashanti has been sharing lots of new pictures recently, and the music star has managed to stay relevant much better than most other celebrities around her age.

The singer posted a new video as well, in which she took the opportunity to share some words with her fans for the occasion of her 39th birthday.

The star looked stunning in a white bikini in the new video and drew a lot of positive comments from many of her fans, who were quick to praise her for preserving her looks so well.

And according to the talented diva, she has been deliberating quite heavily and some of her recent photos are worth posting.

Ashanti was seemingly uncomfortable with making some of her pictures public, while in other cases, she did not want to draw too much attention to herself at the wrong moment, implied by what she shared with her fans when she opened up.

In the end, though, it is pretty obvious that Ashanti has been feeling comfortable in her skin, and she has been doing a great job maintaining the positive impression people have of her in general.

The singer is not without her heavy following, and while some expected that she would not last too long on the stage when she started climbing to fame, that was not the case.

Ashanti is arguably one of the more successful singers of her generation, and she has continued to develop her career and build up her profile very well ever since her initial boom.

She wrote: "Feeling incredibly blessed to see another amazing year. So happy to have new people & new energy in my life. I’m also thankful for the blessings of the lessons from the ones that exited... I'm so grateful for my family & friends... I realize how sacred it is to have genuine people around you to love & support you. Thank you guys so very much for all of the love and birthday messages & wishes I’ve been celebrating hard for the past two days lol, and it took me forever to pick this shot 😂. 📸 @chekothari accessories by @theoriginalmomanger 🤣🎉 10/13 #Libra gang.♎️🥳🙏🏽❤️😘💃🏾🎂"

Tiny Harris told her: "Awe, I missed it, friend...Happy belated birthday...u look so happy!!! Keep shining Pooh.❤️🔥🙌🏽"

Fat Joe wrote: "❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️"

Ashanti is a true rock star.

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