Tinsley Mortimer's Latest Picture Goes South Quickly With Plastic Surgery Debate

Tinsley Mortimer's Latest Picture Goes South Quickly With Plastic Surgery Debate
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After some intense moments in her love life, Tinsley Mortimer is reportedly going to get a breath of fresh air on the upcoming season of Real Housewives of New York City .

Much of the new season is going to focus on her love affair. Mortimer recently separated from her ex-boyfriend, Scott Kluth, in a move that surprised many.

However, she is ready to get back to dating and has been preparing to explore new love interests in the coming 12th season of the show, which will hit the little screen in a couple of months.

Some fans were worried by rumors indicating that she might potentially never return to the reality TV series due to complications behind the scenes, but that does not seem to be the case at all.

Recent reports indicate that the star has a long-term contract with the TV network producing the show, and she still has a long time to go before she can call it quits.

Mortimer herself likely has a thing or two to say about her current situation as well, as her love life has been moving in a strange direction by some accounts, and she could use a new perspective on things in the coming season.

Hopefully, she manages to get what she is after because other stars on the show have already been moving on with their lives quite fast.

It would be a shame to see her get left behind on something as important as romance, and some fans have been worried that this might be precisely where things are headed. Mortimer recently shared a sexy photo, and some asked her to get plastic surgery.

One person told the reality TV star: “You beautiful, but not happy, where is Scott, how did you lose him. He was a very nice guy. I’m not a fan of plastic surgery, but you really need lip enhancement esp with those big ass lashes - it’s not symmetrical or in proportion when your lips are tiny, and lashes are so big, and eyebrows are pointing.”

Another commenter shared: “You are beyond beautiful!... I just can’t figure out why you are so insecure?..you have everything beauty, brains, personality, & the classiest one on the show.!...you got it, girl...
Own it!!!...❤️“

Do you think love will be in the cards?

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