This Is The Real Reason Why Southern Charm's Whitney Sudler-Smith Denied Kathryn Dennis Hook Up

This Is The Real Reason Why Southern Charm's Whitney Sudler-Smith Denied Kathryn Dennis Hook Up
Credit: Source: Bravo

The talk of Southern Charm season six was about Kathyrn Dennis' custody battle with Thomas Ravenel and her secret summer fling with Whitney Sudler-Smith. It turns out that the two subjects intertwine.

After being confronted by multiple castmates about his involvement with Kathyrn, the mother of two was downright offended that Whitney completely denied sleeping with her for the second time.

In fact, when she finally confronted him about the private rendezvous he said that he was 'flattered' that she would say that they slept together. The situation was especially odd because they hooked up years ago -- before she started dating Thomas!

It turns out that Whitney was trying to stay mum due to Thomas' pattern of dragging everyone who is involved with Dennis to court.

His mother, Patricia Altschul opened up about it on Twitter after a fan account tweeted: 'Kathryn was wrong bringing this up on camera with Whitney. Thomas has been dragging cast in court for anything said. Pat was recently deposed and spent hours being asked questions.'


The southern socialite retweeted it with a reply that read: 'Whitney kept thinking the subject was closed but he should have spelled it out more to Kathryn. I was being sued by Thomas as was Haymaker and Bravo. Being a producer of the show, he wanted to avoid hours of depositions and lawyers since he was filming another project in London.'

The 28-year-old also spoke about it on the reunion show by saying that people who have nothing to do with the child custody case is getting dragged into the dispute.

This is a known fact. Not only has Patricia been deposed, but some of Kathryn's friends and even her exes have been forced to go to court in her fight against the Ravenel.

Do you think that Whitney handled the situation wrong?


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  • Leslie
    Leslie Aug 25, 2019 3:46 PM PDT

    Ravenall is a pos. Is he the only one who thinks he wont be convicted? I cant blame whitney for keeping his mouth shut. Who sleeps with who is no ones business. Especially ravenall's. They never married. He has always been a pos.

  • Naomi Setser
    Naomi Setser Aug 25, 2019 8:31 AM PDT

    I love Kathryn and feel for all she is going through at the hands of Thomas but she really should have kept her sex life with Whitney least not on national TV for Thomas to get hold of and I comment Whitney for not talking about it for several reasons....didn't want to get drug into court and didn't want to give Thomas any ammo to use ( although I don't see what her and whitney being together ) would have anything to do with the child custody case

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