'The Lost Boys' New Pilot Will Star 'Teen Wolf's' Tyler Posey — 'Twilight's' Catherine Hardwicke Will Direct

'The Lost Boys' New Pilot Will Star 'Teen Wolf's' Tyler Posey — 'Twilight's' Catherine Hardwicke Will Direct
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The CW ordered a pilot based on the 1987 cult classic The Lost Boys and news about the upcoming show has been released. We knew there was going to be a change as the Frog brothers will become the Frog sisters, but new information on the cast is here. It appears the CW is ensuring they have a hit on their hands as they've hired Twilight's Catherine Hardwicke to direct. They've also cast Tyler Posey from Teen Wolf in a lead role. At this point, a full season hasn't been ordered, but there are high hopes the pilot will be a hit.

The CW lost two of their top vampire shows The Originals and The Vampire Diaries making this the perfect time for a  Lost Boys remake.

Little has been revealed about the upcoming pilot and it's unclear when filming will commence. Response to the upcoming pilot has been positive with little negativity. It appears fans of the original are open to changes such as the gender swap and the cast choices seem to be given the stamp of approval.

There was some criticism on social media by people who weren't fans of Twilight. Due to Twilight's extreme success and popularity in the teen generation, it appears choosing Hardwicke will be a decision that will pay off.

Tyler Posey has been cast as Michael Emerson, the role was originally played by Jason Patric. In the original movie, Michael and his younger brother Sam moved to Santa Carla with their mother Lucy. Lucy was originally played by Dianne Wiest. Kiele Sanchez will take over the role. Little did they know that the town carried a dark secret of vampires and vampire hunters.

There will be a change in the role of Star, originally played by Jami Gertz. Star was a young woman caught in a love triangle between the leader of the vampires, David, and Michael Emerson.

In the remake, Star will be called Stella and played by MedallionRahimi.

The role of David (originally played by Kiefer Sutherland, will now be played by Dakota Shapiro.


What do you think of the Lost Boys remake? Do you think it will be picked up for a full season?


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