The Game Shares Sweet Picture With His Daughter, California Dream Taylor -- Here Is Why Fans Feel Sorry For Him

The Game Shares Sweet Picture With His Daughter, California Dream Taylor -- Here Is Why Fans Feel Sorry For Him
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The Game has moved some of his fans to tears with her latest photo of his baby girl, California Dream Taylor.

The famous rapper from California has been busy as of lately posting inspirational messages about Nipsey Hussle.

However, this week, he took a little break to focus on his stunning eight-year-old daughter, Cali.

The Game shared a picture where Cali is dressed like a princess and is being admired by her father, who is on one knee. The moving photo has melted fans' hearts.


One person said: "You will forever be her main man.. she's going to remember everything. My father died, but till this day he was the most important person in my life ❤️The game has always been, and ways will be a good father. When he creases his kicks for you, know it’s real. 💕💕"

Another supporter claimed: "I love this photo!! Nothing better than a dad’s relationship with his daughter 💗Felt this in my heart. And like you will never understand until you have a daughter. She’s out of this world stunning. God bless her always to have you by her side. She’s one lucky little girl. ❤️"

This follower told the MC: "The best thing I love about social media is logging on and seeing fathers being active and present... 🙌🏿✊🏿👏🏿🙏🏿✔👌🏿Fathers are daughters first true unconditional love they show them what real men are 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾❤️I love the way you treat your daughter ❤️What a beautiful reason!! 🥰❤️ I feel sorry for all of the guys in the future who tries to pursue her! Two brothers and an overprotective father.. she doesn’t stand a chance!! 😩😂❤️"


This commenter claimed that he is sorry for The Game because he will hurt the boys who try to date his precious baby girl.

The fan claimed: "Oh, I thought she graduated! Bout to say damn that was fast 🤯So Beautiful you are a Phenomenal daddy God has indeed bless you. Please continue to be the best dad and Man. You can be for your children. 🤗🤗🤗She is just a beautiful GIRL. Keep up all the positive moves you been making. Your page is quite refreshing and while others may not see it them the sales ones that don’t see the mission we ALL need to get on as a people.
It’s a gift and a curse to have a baby this beautiful! Praying that you don’t have to kill a fool or break any limbs. Let’s start your “Free Game” petition early. You’re gonna need it...sorry!"

The Game has won many people over lately.

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