The Game Shares Profound And Heartfelt Painting Of Nipsey Hussle -- Rapper Is Redefining Brotherhood On A Large Scale

The Game Shares Profound And Heartfelt Painting Of Nipsey Hussle -- Rapper Is Redefining Brotherhood On A Large Scale
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Rapper The Game is a real friend of the late Nipsey Hussle, and he has often taken to social media to pay tribute to him.

Recently, the MC from the West Coast jumped to Instagram, where he posted an amazing painting that was done by a local artist in honor of Lauren London's life partner.

Along with the picture, The Game also wrote a lengthy message about the passing of the activist and businessman.

The Game told Nip that he should be proud of looking down to see how much he has inspired others and how his legacy has lived on and flourished for the world to see.

The artist penned this note: "Hu$$le man..... can't believe it's been one year since you departed from this crazy world. "Time flies" has an entirely different meaning these days. I know you're proud of what your life's mission has accomplished in the past 12 months. You have truly touched the hearts of people all around the world. Your face is everywhere... your music is timeless & your words are heard loud & clear. There are newborns named "Ermias," & I can't get on anything and not see someone quoting you. A true KING to his people with a heart of gold. A pure soul who knew exactly what the world needed for motivation. My only wish is that you could've been here to see it all unfold yourself. Here for times like now, when people need to be uplifted the most. The ultimate sacrifice: surrendering your life to God so that others would learn that there is much more to life than to care only for one's self. The world is about to hard reset & I'd like to think that you were one of the reasons for what's to come in the future. A world where we have to think before we act. Care for those around us. Remember the importance of the everyday essentials, clean food, water, herbs & taking care of the most important thing on earth... HUMANITY. Being forced to stay inside & with those closest to you is not a bad thing in my eyes. Yes, the pandemic is claiming lives & my loves goes out to the families of those lost...."

He went on to say: "But, I see this as a peaceful time that we will never see again in our lifetime. A time to reflect, empower, strategize & focus on how to make a true impact to what will soon be the new world. Things will never be the same after this & it is on all of us to adapt efficiently & contribute positively for all of us so that we can live in a world as ONE. The earth, as we know it, is sick... We are all home waiting for what's next. While we're waiting, let's not add to the problem but prepare to be apart of the solution. We all need the US. Especially now.... my love is with every single person on this earth during these times. This is the mark of a NEW BEGINNING. I'm ready enough for all of us. #TheMarathonContinues #LongLiveNipseyHussle 🏁 [@madsteez thank you for this piece, can't wait to hang it]."

One fan replied: "Long live Nipsey, long live The Game for showing a true love on brother."

A second commenter added: "Very profound and heartfelt, spoken so very eloquently!! If I may, sir, I'd love to co-sign on this message!! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🎯🎯🎯💯💯💯."

The Game is very magnanimous when it comes to Nipsey.

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