Teyana Taylor Is The Queen Of Snapback In New Photos -- Fans Urge Other Women To Choose Their Own Path

Teyana Taylor Is The Queen Of Snapback In New Photos -- Fans Urge Other Women To Choose Their Own Path
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Teyana Taylor is hitting all of the right notes when it comes to her "snapback game," less than two months after giving birth to her daughter, Rue Rose.

The 29-year-old mother of two posted two photos on Instagram where she decided to go all red. The whole display was impressive and hard to ignore.

Taylor has been trying to showcase through her incredible work that is possible to balance being a mother and a woman without missing a beat.

Her third studio album, The Album , was a real success in that sense. Before being a wife and a mom, on that project, Taylor wanted the world to know and feel that she is a woman first.

The pictures that she released over the weekend ooze a similar pride, and the reactions prove that she has achieved her goal.

One commenter stated: "I’m so happy I got to see a black girl from Harlem follow her dreams. not only in music but entertainment, financial freedom, marriage, a family. All while staying out of the drama. She’s dope af ✨."

A second follower was more nuanced and issued a warning to women in general: "Good for her but keep in mind this is a rich woman. Not every woman may have access to the greatest round the clock personal trainers or the millions of dollars to hire a personal chef like as she does. I hate how we live in a time where we pressure so many women into being more concerned with “snapping back” and looking good for the internet after having a baby than focusing on their mental well being postpartum."

A third person chimed in: "Nursing mothers it’s okay to have extra fats on your tummy. Don’t let anyone put pressure on you. Take your time and enjoy motherhood. Thanks 😊."

This Instagrammer added: "Genetics, good dieting & exercising...STOP pressuring women to feel like they have to look like this after pregnancy."

Another comment read: "Let’s normalize not snapping back immediately and making sure we’re spiritually & mentally grounded as well👑."

Iman Shumpert's wife is in a league of her own when it comes to her body, so other women are encouraged to start their own journey after giving birth.


One thing is clear, the talented entertainer is on top of her game.

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