KUWTK: Kylie Jenner's Daughter Stormi 'Fully Swims' With Her Clothes On In Funny New Video

KUWTK: Kylie Jenner's Daughter Stormi 'Fully Swims' With Her Clothes On In Funny New Video
Credit: Source: cafemom.com

Kylie Jenner ’s baby girl proved that she is already a really good swimmer despite being only 2 years old! The makeup mogul showed Stormi doing a somersault in the pool, confirming that she ‘fully swims!’

The clip was super cute as well and fans could not stop gushing over the adorable toddler.

It appears that Stormi loves swimming so much that she did not even have the patience to put her swimsuit on before jumping into the water will all of her clothes on.

Not only that but what made the footage so funny was the fact that the little tot tried to lie to her mom about her intentions!

The video starts with Stormi tiptoeing barefoot towards the pool, Kylie quickly realizing that she wanted to get into the water.

‘No, no, no — I know what you’re doing,’ the Jenner warned her child, promoting Stormi to reply that ‘I just want to put my feet in!’

But the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was definitely not convinced, proving how well she knows her daughter: ‘I already know where this is going.’

After sitting down at the edge of the pool, Stormi finally declares that ‘I want to get into the pool with my clothes!’

At the time, Stormi, had on a pair of pink pajamas and after telling her mom the truth, she proceeds to jump into the water.

Stormi can be seen diving in and doing a somersault in the pool, something that really caught Kylie’s followers by surprise!

The child looks like an expert swimmer already and Kylie stressed that ‘She fully swims.’

This cute new post comes amid Kylie and Travis Scott reunion rumors.


While nothing has been confirmed yet, one source shared via HollywoodLife that the two ‘act together’ in private.


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