Taylor Swift Posts Adorable Throwback Footage Of Her As A 10-Month-Old Baby Chatting With Her Mom!

Taylor Swift Posts Adorable Throwback Footage Of Her As A 10-Month-Old Baby Chatting With Her Mom!
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To celebrate Mother’s Day, Taylor Swift shared an adorable throwback video that showed the superstar when she was only 10 months old. Baby Taylor can be seen chewing on a shoelace in the footage, all the while having a super cute chat with her mom, Andrea!

It looks like the singer was truly a genius baby since she apparently already knew how to count and starting to say the alphabet at the age of only 10 months!

Not only that but she was already talking quite well as proven by the clip dating October 1990.

The mother can be heard in the video’s background, asking her questions as Taylor answers diligently.

The star obviously posted the adorable throwback footage to mark Mother’s Day and alongside it, she made sure to also share a thoughtful message.

‘My conversations with my mom have always been and they will always be some of my favorite memories — from when I was ten months old in this video from October 1990 to now talking every single day on the phone. Our talks are everything to me. Myyyyy goodness I love you mom. Happy Mother’s Day.’

The sweet Mother’s Day message also seems to reveal that Taylor and Andrea are unfortunately not in isolation together amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

‘PS for those who are separated from your loved ones or struggling with this day, my heart is with you,’ Taylor also added as an encouragement to everyone else relating to her situation.

Andrea Swift has been battling cancer for a few years now.

Taylor first revealed her diagnosis back in 2015 but aside from that, she has not updated fans much on her state.

She did share during a 2019 interview that the cancer was back and at the beginning of this year, she also shared the unfortunate news that the doctors had discovered Andrea had a brain tumor while going through chemotherapy again.

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