Tana Mongeau Addresses The Rumors Surrounding Her Wedding To Jake Paul - There Wasn't An Official Marriage Licence

Tana Mongeau Addresses The Rumors Surrounding Her Wedding To Jake Paul - There Wasn't An Official Marriage Licence
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According to a report from Jezebel, Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul aren't actually married, despite throwing a massive wedding party in Las Vegas which some people believe was just a publicity stunt. Tana said to her fans on her vlog that she and Jake aren't actually "married," but the wedding was "real."

Paraphrasing the social media influencer, the star said she didn't like the idea of creating a legally binding contract between two people because it ruins or taints the essence of love. Moreover, it's "unnecessary," the star added.

Mongeau claims their love and romance is real, and the idea that they did it all just as a marketing ploy is simply not true. According to Mongeau, they first hooked up at his house off-camera, and it all started then.

Furthermore, Tana just got her very own MTV reality show called Tana Turns 21, and fans are wholly convinced the wedding played a key role in her getting the opportunity. Previously, Tana was linked to actress, Bella Thorne, who just got out of a relationship with rapper Mod Sun.

In a July report from Page Six, the outlet reported that it was a possibility Bella wouldn't get an invitation to her wedding to Jake Paul due to a short-lived feud between them.

During the third week of July, Wednesday, the 21-year-old actress and Tana traded online taunts toward each other regarding Mod Sun, whom Tana was on a date with one night. Thorne took to her Twitter to say that she and Tana were "no longer good" because the latter broke "girl code."

According to Page Six, at one point in time in history, Mod Sun, Thorne, and Tana were in a relationship as a three-some. However, Bella and Mod Sun called off their relationship during Coachella weekend in April of this year.

Bella and Mod Sun have fought publicly on a number of occasions, claiming respective infidelity on each other's parts as well as intentionally manipulating media reports. Moreover, Thorne accused the rapper of withholding her personal items, including a passport and her laptop.

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