Jake Paul Posts 'Message' For Conor McGregor Following His Loss To Dustin Poirier

Jake Paul Posts 'Message' For Conor McGregor Following His Loss To Dustin Poirier
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Last night, Conor McGregor lost the fight to Dustin Poirier -  the fighter who he beat several years earlier - and it left a lot of people shocked. Dustin knocked out Conor in the second round after Conor appeared to be winning in the first.

Not surprisingly, many social media users were quick to jump all over Conor and taunt, insult, and make fun of him on the internet. Conor is a larger-than-life personality who is easily the UFC's biggest draw, however, there's no question he has brought a lot of haters on himself as well.

On the other side of the fighting world, Logan and Jake Paul have been talking a lot of smack about other fighters, and this marked yet another occasion for the Paul brothers to take advantage of.

Hot New Hip Hop picked up on a social media comment from Jake last night in which he slammed Conor. You can check out his "message" for Conor below:

Jake derisively asked why Conor would back away from many millions of dollars to fight him, to "fight a bum" and then get knocked out by that very same "bum"  - and for less money to make matters worse.

As it was previously reported, Jake Paul asked to fight Conor in a boxing match for $50 million, to which Conor didn't respond. In his latest tweet directed to The Notorious McGregor, Paul claimed the offer was sitting at $10,000 now instead of $50,000,000.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, Jake Paul is trying to get back in the ring on the 17th of April, but it's not clear who he will be fighting at the moment. One thing that is known for sure is that it won't be Mr. McGregor.


Following his loss last night, Conor said that he lost because of "inactivity," and admitted that fighting wasn't the type of sport where you could stay away from the ring and then expect to win matches. Additionally, McGregor praised Dustin as a great fighter and admitted he would be back in the ring again later in 2021.

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