Tamron Hall Melts Hearts With This Photo Of Baby Moses Relaxing In A Pool -- Being This Adorable Is Hard Work

Tamron Hall Melts Hearts With This Photo Of Baby Moses Relaxing In A Pool -- Being This Adorable Is Hard Work
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Tamron Hall has decided to make it clear, her baby boy, Moses, is still in full summer mood, and no one can change that.

Steven Greener's wife recently took to social media where she shared the sweetest photo of her 4-month-old son lounging in a flootie and enjoying some pool time doing nothing but looking adorable.

It is a known fact that the famous biblical Moses had a great relationship with water -- his name literally means “one who draws out” or “the drawer [from water]."

Mama Tamron captioned the photo: "Is that you Fall trying to sneak up? Summertime and the living is easy...when you’re 4 months. Love and hugs y’all. #mosesandmama"

Fans loved the photo.

One said: "I Love the babies in the water learning how to swim at the time when their brains are like sponges! Soaking up all that knowledge and those lessons! Great Parenting Beautiful TH! I met you a second-time last week, and you are phenomenal, witty, and simply amazing! I was at your pilot last September and your preview last week! And... I’m there cheering you on September 9th!!!!! ♥️ God Bless You and Yours. 🙏🏽"

Another commenter stated: "Precious! Do tell what kind of baby raft or float that is, please. I have a grandbaby coming in January, and she can use that in our pool next summer. ThanksWhat a beautiful baby. God has blessed you in many ways. Thank you for coming back to daytime! Hooray! 🙋‍♀️ from Missouri."

This backer wrote: "Wow! He's getting so big! So beautiful and those little chunky legs! Well done MaMa! 😍😍Look how juicy and sweet our Moses is (cause you know he is ALL of ours😍😍)Lord knows I wish I wawereaying right next to him. Jealous."

A fourth follower explained: "This is the life. What a beautiful capture. He’s enjoying life saying I can’t be bothered too cute❤️I'm glad he found time for some R&R. Being adorable is hard work!"

Tamron is counting the days till the big premiere of her new show, Tamron Hall , and she recently confessed said this about her return to work: “It’s like when you’re a child, and you see Christmas on the calendar, but it’s only June, and you think it will never happen. Then suddenly it’s right there. A year ago, I could not have imagined this.”

Will you be watching the show?

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