Tamron Hall Debuts Sweet Picture Of Baby Moses With His Grandmother, Mary Newton, And Writes Emotional Message To Her Other 'Kids'

Tamron Hall Debuts Sweet Picture Of Baby Moses With His Grandmother, Mary Newton, And Writes Emotional Message To Her Other 'Kids'
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Tamron Hall is celebrating her first Mother's Day in a very special way. The former host of the TODAY show took to social media where she posted a very emotional message about having the baby she has been dreaming for many years.

Tamron and her husband, Steve Greener, welcomed a son named Moses a few weeks ago. Tamron shared a beautiful picture where her mother, Mary Newton, is helping Moses who dressed in all-white for a special ceremony.

In her caption, Tamron thanked all the friends and family members who are helping her raise her baby.

She also took the opportunity to show love to all the nieces, nephews, mentees who called her second mom throughout the years.

She said: "Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and those who help form the village it takes to raise a child. This picture was taken as my amazing mother helped dress my “Sonshine” for a special ceremony. Today I am a mom leaning on my friends who are Mothers. I also lean on the Aunties, Cousins, and incredible women who are not moms but give every ounce of love you can imagine to Moses. I relish the role of “play or second mom” to so many who have called me today and on this day in years past. You were my kids first, Baby Moses already knows he has to follow y’ all. lol"

One fan told Tamron: "What a beautiful testimony to your village. As an “auntie” the acknowledgment is gorgeous. Awesome, beautiful flower arrangement for first Mother’s day special. Have a great and memorable First Mother’s Day with your husband and Baby Moses. You must be so excited! 👌Happy First Mother’s Day to YOU. again"

Another commenter stated: "Your first Mother's Day, well, it's just the beginning of more joyous and precious moments..you begin to realize that, how on earth did I survive without my precious child? It's as if life before him was a distant memory. HAPPY FIRST MOTHERS DAY BEAUTIFUL ONE! Life now truly begins.♡♡"

This supporter wrote the following message: "Great, very emotional message. Happy First Mother’s Day to you, and Happy Mother’s Day to your Mom who raised an incredible daughter. 👌❤️"

This fourth follower explained: "Only Tamron Hall look the same weight after just having a baby. It must be in the genes, Congratulations."

Tamron seems to be in a new dimension.

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  • Myrtle Warren
    Myrtle Warren May 13, 2019 6:46 PM PDT

    Congratulations Tamron. You are a beautiful mother. Best wishes for you and your family. Love you on tv.

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