Tamron Hall Bares It In A New Video And Is Criticized For This Reason -- Fans Defend The Working Mom

Tamron Hall Bares It In A New Video And Is Criticized For This Reason -- Fans Defend The Working Mom
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Tamron Hall made all of her 800,000 Instagram followers very happy by sharing a sweet video where she held nothing back when it comes to makeup and other filters.

The hot mama removed all artificial elements including foundation, lipstick, and fake eyelashes. In the clip, she looked gorgeous and happy, but fans could not help notice that she needs to sleep because she has dark circles.

However, many mothers rushed to her defense and explained that Hall is a TV host with a baby boy, and it might be hard to get 8 hours of sleep.

One fan had this to say: "Looking good my beautiful Tamron Hall! That's right, my beautiful sister. Put that 9to5 upon the shelf " and just enjoy your self "! .I am so excited also I should have gotten tickets for today's show. I like all those ppl who you are having on your show today—Tam-tam. No filters ... kicking it real, though!! This is my talk show era right here!!! Dope!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥."

Another commenter stated: "Love your natural look. Thank you for being real. Tamaron, your so pretty and positive, thank you for your energy. Tam Tam, I love attending your show along with my mom and best friend. You exude such warmth, you’re genuine, and I want you to succeed and host the hottest morning show
Keep up your great work sis 👍🏽."

This backer shared: "Gm boss lady I watch your show every day I been watching you for a long time you are amazing and your baby boy is so adorable. You look good natural, but you need rest, you can tell. Not that much💰💰💰💰💰💰 , job, career in the world, I had to learn the hard way."

Hall recently spoke about being a working mom by saying: "I'm trying to balance it all, but it's a work in progress. There have been days I've been in the corner crying, saying, 'I'm a bad mom, wait a minute what am I doing' -- or I'm in the studio talking about a show idea and all I can think about is that face."

She also shared the best advice she got from a mom after she had a Caesarean section: "It was the best advice, and that just came from my friend saying, 'My mother's advice to you is to let him go, get that rest because you have to take care of yourself. Those are the things we're talking about on the show because the best of who we are we get from other people."

Tamron knows how to connect with her public.

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