Tamra Judge Addresses Those Concerns That She'll No Longer Appear On RHOC In Season 15

Tamra Judge Addresses Those Concerns That She'll No Longer Appear On RHOC In Season 15
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While Bravo is yet to officially announce who the cast members joining the upcoming season of the Real Housewives of Orange County are, there have been concerns that Tamra Judge is one of the stars to no longer appear on the reality TV show. That being said, it looks like the speculations have reached her and now she is addressing it!

As you may know, the main reason why her fans are worried they might not see her on the show anymore is that Tamra user to have an orange emoji in her IG bio which, as you can guess, is no longer there!

Usually, the fruit symbolizes that one is a full time cast member of RHOC but since it’s no longer on her platform without explanation, people started asking questions.

A comment from a concerned fan reads: ‘There’s speculation that you’re leaving the housewives bc apparently you removed it from your insta bio.. hope this isn’t true, love you on the show!

‘Where’d the orange go?’ another follower wondered, prompting the celeb to respond.

‘People look too deeply into things,’ she simply pointed out.

But can you blame people for assuming and worrying?

After all, she’s been part of the main cast ever since season 3 premiered back in 2007!

That means she’s been on the show for more than a decade, which is both impressive and also makes fans fear she might end up leaving with any new season coming out.

Some really doubt her time on RHOC will continue in season 15 while the show continues to keep the cast under wraps for the time being.

One insider previously told HollywoodLife that the ladies will be ‘notified in a few weeks,’ which means that neither Tamra, nor any other of the women know if they’re coming back or not.

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