Tamar Braxton Reveals A New Episode Of Her Podcast With Taraji P. Henson - Check Out Her Heart-Breaking Message

Tamar Braxton Reveals A New Episode Of Her Podcast With Taraji P. Henson - Check Out Her Heart-Breaking Message
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Tamar Braxton revealed a new episode of her exciting podcast. This was featured by Taraji P. Henson, and you can check it out below.

'THIS UNDERCONSTRUTION WILL HEAL YOU AND YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF AND GOD‼️‼️ @tarajiphenson and Traci on their show "Peace of Mind" on Facebook is a blessing. It's almost parallel to this podcast platform that I enjoy doing beyond measure. @tarajiphenson raised a question, "Who's going to save the black man when he’s hurting?” It struck a chord that shook me, and I realized I have to take accountability not to “save” but to do my part in my own healing to allow others to heal as well. I had to get real with myself and my relationships of the past. As much I would like to keep my personal challenges private, I feel that by taking personal accountability, we can all somehow heal,' Tamar began her caption.

She continued and said: 'When you truly love someone, it doesn't just stop. You SHOULD always care about the person, even if their happiness doesn’t include you. And that’s how I feel. To my past relationships, family, friends, colleagues, and exes: I didn’t hold us accountable for opening up wounds without having the tools to fix them. I’ve done my part in half-truths, outbursts, and theories to complete my false storyline of what’s reality.'

Tamar also told everyone the following: 'I am at a space of healing where I can promise my future relationship this: through these few months, I have evolved. I now have a treasure chest of tools to work with, and I am excited about my beautiful future and plans ahead.'

She also made sure to ask for forgiveness from everyone that she hurt: 'I am sincerely sorry to everyone I have ever hurt, God bless you all and your amazing family. This is my prayer every day!! If you join me in this prayer, we can all heal the world❤️. This "to my world" apology is a BIG part of my healing process and I will elaborate more on sharing my invaluable tools openly, not because of the bad but because of the growth that I have acquired. Protect your peace, I will do my part 💯 #stayunderconstruction.'

As you already probably know Tamar attempted suicide last year and this hurt her family, friend, and a lot of fans but hopefully she is doing better and she will fully recover mentally.


In other news, Tamar Braxton managed to shock some of her fans with a video from ahead of her surgery. Check out the clip.

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