Tamar Braxton Releases A New Podcast Episode - Check Out Her Message

Tamar Braxton Releases A New Podcast Episode - Check Out Her Message
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Tamar Braxton released a new episode of her podcast and you can check it out below. Also, see the message that she posted.

'If you’re chilling ... living comfortably ... yet, complaining that you want more... it’s time to “Get UNcomfortable” pumpkin! That’s where the magic happens...that’s how you stretch yourself and expand to new heights! Don’t believe me - listen to my girl, mentor, and spin instructor @angelamanueldavis - cofounder of @aarmy tune in to the full episode of Under Construction 🚧 right now on your favorite podcast platform #underconstruction🚧 #tamarbraxton' Tamar captioned her post.

Someone said: 'Will you ever have your sisters on your podcast? Especially Toni?!'

A follower said: '@tamarbraxton This is my favorite podcast, it speaks to my spirit!💜🙏' and one other follower said: 'I SO LIVE BY THIS AFTER GOING THROUGH MY LAST HEAVY LIFE Challenge, and Look at God..Now I still fight, with arms better to swing on a f boy & dusty Ho along with these Holy and wiser non-responsive responses, on ready to drag and put whoever needs to be, right bothered place immediately. Don’t play with me. I just wish the Old me Knew this type of Hallelujah . Had I known, my previous transitions wouldn’t had been extremely rough and a Year Too Long to over come. 🙄 been Blessed tho. Didn’t know how to slay with it. #Tamartian.'

One other follower said: 'The WHOLE time Angela had my chakras on fire' and a commenter said: 'Definitely where I am in life right now.. 😞😩.. love u Tamar ❤️ 💕 @tamarbraxton.'

In other news, Tamar Braxton  is revealing something pretty interesting to her fans and followers. Check out what Lucky 21 is in the message she dropped on her social media account.


Stay tuned for more Tamar-related news. This month, she will celebrate her birthday.

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